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Commercial Due Diligence

As part of the commercial due diligence, we evaluate your digital marketing situation based on market, competition, business model and business plan. This provides you with a realistic assessment of your potential as well as an evaluation of your plans and forecasts.

Based on these results, specific efficiency, optimisation and growth potentials are derived for your company.

Your benefit
Strategically relevant information as the basis for future marketing strategies
Knowledge about the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors to derive opportunities and risks
Realistic assessment of your plans and forecasts based on comprehensive analyses
Stages of Commercial Due Diligence

Assessment of the current situation of the company with regard to the market, competition, business models and business plans.

Analysis & Evaluation

Analysis and evaluation of the relevant commercial due diligence components including the business plan based on the current company development, general market developments and benchmarks.


Definition and elaboration of efficiency and growth potentials of existing measures and structures as well as derivation of further expansion and optimisation potentials.

What our customers say
selective focus of small carton boxes on digital tablet, e-commerce concept
Investor Group with E-Commerce Focus

When making investment decisions in companies with a strong e-commerce focus and relevant spendings in digital marketing measures, a realistic assessment of the business model and the business plan is an essential component. In this regard, we regularly rely on the many years of qualified experience of DIGITAL FORWARD.

What results can we expect?

The results of our analysis are broad.

An independent evaluation of the current digital marketing measures, steering logics, processes, organisational and technological structures is carried out, while always taking into account the current competitive situation. Cross-sector benchmarking is used to derive concrete efficiency and growth potential.

Strategic realignments and objectives are just as relevant a component as very operational, concrete, and pragmatic recommendations for action at the individual marketing channel level. Many the recommendations will therefore be implementable in the short term by the company or existing external supporters. Overarching strategic issues, of course, need a little more time.

What is the basis for the analysis?

The focus of the analysis is on the data of the company under consideration.

Depending on availability, this can be direct system access or aggregated data. In addition, outside-in analyses of the company under consideration and the defined competitors are carried out.

How soon can we expect the report?

We are aware that in this environment we only have a very short time window for the analysis. Initial findings can therefore already be shared within the first 5 working days after commissioning and data delivery. Finalisation usually takes place after 10-14 days.

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