Commercial due diligence
“For investment decisions in companies with strong focus on eCommerce and significant digital marketing spendings, a realistic evaluation regarding the business model and business plan is essential. At this we rely on the extensive and qualified experience of DIGITAL FORWARD.”
Managing Director | Private Equity Unternehmen

Within the commercial due diligence, we evaluate your digital marketing situation based on market, competitor, business model and business plan analyses. Therewith you get a realistic potential estimation and an evaluation of your plans and forecasts.

Based on that results, the derivation of specific efficiency, optimisation and growth potentials for your company is made.

Your benefit
Strategic relevant
information as
basis for future
marketing strategies
Knowledge about the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors for deriving opportunities and threats
Realistic evaluation of your plans and forecasts based on extensive analyses
Our approach
Status quo acquisition

Assessment of your current situation regarding your market, competitors, business model and business plan.


Analysis and evaluation of relevant commercial due diligence components inclusive your business plan based on your current development, the general market development and benchmarks.


Definition and elaboration of efficiency and growth potentials of your current measures and structures as well as derivation of further expansion/ development and optimisation potentials.

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